Dear diver

A dive safari in the Red Sea is one of the most impressed adventures in diving sport. Let you carry into the mystic world of wrecks or fascinated reefs and sleep slopes.

Blue Waves undergoes a permanent maintenance and control. We set great store by observance of prescriptions and safety. You can be sure, that our boat have the necessary permissions for the respectively offered route. The MY Blue Waves have an experienced, english-speaking captain with crew on board. Our crews all have a long experience in handling boats in the Red Sea. Regular meetings with the complete boat-crews are standard in our company. As desired an experienced english- or german-speaking dive guide will accompany the safari. Also our dive guides are liable to a quality-control and obtain a special training. The safety of our guests matters a great deal to us.

We are working closely together with the Red Sea Association, the Egyptian environment organization. We feel engaged to protect the sensitive ecosystem of the Red Sea, whilst we observe the legal prescriptions and keep a considerate behavior with the nature. The Red Sea is a paradise for divers and there the matter must rest; therefore we kindly ask for your support.

No matter which route you have selected, the north tour with all the wrecks or the south tour from Elphinstone Reef to St.John or one of the many other possibilities, you will not be able to escape the fascination of the underwater world from the Red Sea.

If you have any further questions about diving in the Red Sea or about Egypt, please contact

Your Blue Waves Team!











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